Monday, December 29, 2008

About a Girl

So, I sit in awe of Hayden most days now. 10 months really, really changes a baby. This month is the month that I have seen the most growth in her. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally and developmentally. This leads me to believe that I could birth a 10 month old and not feel quite like I was fighting a losing, uphill battle everyday for the first 6 months of the baby's life. Now, that isn't to say I wouldn't feel like I was fighting a losing battle with my nether regions (having birthed a 19 pound, 29 inch human) but I could so handle the aftermath as far as the baby is concerned. Final answer: next time a 10 month old it is!

Short List to follow:

1. She walks.
2. She says mama and dada.
3. She holds her own bottle, handles her sippy cup well and feeds herself.
4. She sleeps through the night in her own crib in her own room.
5. She puts herself to sleep most nights and at naptime.
6. She points and grunts.
7. She plays and entertains herself for a little while each day.

Basically, communicating is easier for her and she is happy about that. Crying is not very common and mama likes that. What mama doesn't like is the little temper tantrums that are starting to rear their fugly little heads here and there when the 10 month old doesn't get her way. Who knew those would happen so fast? I was under the impression we wouldn't be dealing with those for at least another year. Terrible twos?

Also, something else about Hayden, the girl loves to have her ears cleaned. I had noticed this before but the other night I sat her on the bathroom counter after her bath and started slowly cleaning her ears. The child did not budge, she sat there staring straight ahead, her eyes glassed over and in a state of euphoria, focused on what might be the best feeling ever, she's not sure. Her life experiences are limited. Personally, I love the feeling of cleaning my ears, if done correctly it can be quite invigorating. Hayden obviously shares this sentiment, and I don't blame her.

Last but not least, she is cutting more teeth. She has her first year molar in on the left side and is cutting the one on the right. Poor baby. She is handling it better than I thought she would. If I were to compare her reaction to the pain of the little teeth to these bigger teeth I would think she is a pro at cutting a tooth now. She screamed, pulled her hair, scratched her ear until it bled, made me cry, etc. when her little front teeth were cutting through. I thought the molars would be a living hell. Thanks (whoever) for cutting me, and her, some slack. It didn't go unnoticed.

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