Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hayden...Why? Because Life Revolves Around Her!

Good News: Sandy gets Hayden back starting Monday!

Not that Chip doesn't love being with her, he wants to find a job, make some money. He has successfully put his time in with Hayden, bonded with her, realized the hard work that goes into taking care of a 7 month old baby girl. He has done a wonderful job, he should be proud of himself, I am. Sandy is thrilled to be able to take Hayden during the day again. Hopefully, Hayden doesn't wear her out too bad. She is quite the mover and shaker nowadays.

Hayden, sweet, sweet Hayden...growing so incredibly fast, faster than lettuce makes Ann haul ass to the bathroom to blow one out. In the past week she has sprouted two more bottom teeth and is on her way to having two top teeth as well. She is up and on the move, not quite walking, but so damn close, closer than two butt cheeks being clenched in order to hold in a fart. She scares the shit out of me, has for awhile, what with her standing and trying to walk nonsense at 7 and a half months old. I am terrified she will fall and not catch herself and crack open her head on the tile floor. (Must get pad this weekend for under rug!) However, she is fearless. Seriously! She has no reason to fear anything, nothing bad has ever happened to her (other then the trip down the birth canal). I wonder when fear does start to have meaning to a child. There are things she doesn't like, hates!, but she doesn't fear them. These things include: her Jeep walker (loved it at nanny and papaw's, hates it at home, go figure), carseats (why should she have to sit facing the back seat, strapped down while us adults are able to look at the fascinating scenery while breaking the seat belt law), getting dressed (prefers nudity, has yet to realize that fall is here and winter follows, cold weather = warm clothes, hell, any article of clothing will do), and her highchair (no clue why), to name a few. I would be irritated by this, simply because most of the things she hates are necessities to babyhood. However, her like of so many other things far outweighs the negative response we get occasionally (should we have to feed her in her highchair, OMG! the hell). Following is a list of the things that makes Hayden smile: pulling up on anything and everything, standing, letting go and falling, the oo, e, oo, ah, ah song (sang by mama of course), crawling over to something in order to stand, being startled, standing, trying to walk, walking with help (do you see a pattern here)? She makes this breathing noise with the sides of her mouth when she gets excited, along with flailing her arms. It is adorable, it makes me smile. May she spend the rest of her life making the strange breathing, sucking-air sound, may she always be excited by life.

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