Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Myspace & Porn...Yummy!

"There is a reason the government banned Myspace."

This is what I was told by works IT guy last week. My computer has been acting out and he is quite sure Myspace is the culprit. I can not disagree as I am not an IT guy or girl and I would have no business claiming it wasn't. If something goes wrong with my computer I blame it on Myspace, why not? I certainly am not to blame. I was told that my computer has a massive amount of trash on it. After talking with the IT guy about what sites are commputer-wreckers I believe my problem is indeed Myspace. I do not download music and things of that nature so...

While talking with the IT guy he mentioned that he is monitoring the users on the server, that means me. Apparently, a few weeks ago someone had been looking at porn (black and Latino to be exact) on the Internet. He traced it back to my computer. Now, I can assure everyone that I was not checking out black and Latino men and women on the Internet at work. What I do at home is my business;-) I work with quite a few Mexican men that do have access to my computer. So, I think we pretty much figured out how the porn popped up on the server. Who, exactly, remains a mystery, and to be honest, I couldn't care less which one of them it was. I gave them a little heads up (no pun intended) so that they would restrain from such naughty behavior in the future. To make a long story short, no more Myspace or porn allowed at work. Shucks! I thought that is what everyone did at it not? I wasn't told or asked not to log on to Myspace, I just figured it would be the best thing to do. The IT guy is going to come and clean out my computer anyway and I don't want to contract an infectious virus afterwards. Ridding my only source of daily entertainment of bad stuff only to load it back up again just doesn't make sense. So, the No Myspace rule has officially started. I technically should have started it Monday , and I actually did follow the rule Monday, but Tuesday I broke down. I logged in to upload a cute picture of my daughter for all to see. Truth be told, I logged in today too. I had to. I had to upload several more pictures and a video that just had to be posted immediately! You know what I'm saying, I know you do.

Yesterday, as I was making my blog rounds I stopped at Sundry Mourning, like I always do. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mama and her words. She is a gifted writer. So, I was reading through her archives and came across this entry:
In one of her reader's comments I came across this link:
Good God, why I clicked on it is beyond me. Do it, I dare you. I am going to assume your curiosity doesn't get the best of you and you don't click the link. What did I find, nothing but PORN! Great. We all know why. Yes, I was at work and yes, I was on my computer, the computer that is being monitored for such things as...PORN! How was I to know that a site called Watch Me Pee was porn-related? God, I feel like a pervert now that I am retelling the story. I have no excuse as to why my curiosity did get the best of me. I suppose I could say that the entry Linda wrote along with the reader's comment enticed me to open the link. Why would the damn reader post the link anyway? I will blame that person should anything come of my visiting a porn site from my work computer. I specifically asked if reading blogs would be an issue and was told no, well, reading blogs and clicking links obviously is an issue. So, I'm trying to fly under the radar this week, I'm not doing a very good job. In one day I visited the forbidden Myspace and watched porn. One of those I did by choice, the other, not so much. Thankfully, the IT guy hasn't cleaned my computer yet. Thankfully, he is busy writing code for our website and can not be disturbed. I promise to try harder to follow the rules. I promise that yesterday was the last day I feed my addiction to Myspace and my secret curiosity for porn, whether it is black and Latino or watching someone pee!!

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