Friday, August 8, 2008

Not a whole lot going on...

Work settled down as the week progressed. Thankfully. I thought about running for the hills Monday. I do have one behind my house and it was looking not-so-hard to climb when I got home. Hayden had a rough beginning to the week as well. Teething, what a beautiful thing. NOT! She is rotten at times and for good reason, she is in pain. I went back and forth and back and forth about what to give her to assist in alleviating her pain. The Tylenol and Hyland's Tablets weren't even touching the pain she had going on. I decided to try Motrin and by the grace of GOD it worked. She actually got 6 hours of sleep at one time, and her daddy and I got some Z's as well. She woke up happier and her aunt Sandy was happier too, I am sure. Sandy is such a great woman and such a loving aunt to my baby. xoxoxo to her.

The weekend is here and I am planning to tackle some major inconviences in the house, with or without Chip. Usually if I start doing something that he does not want to do he will eventually help. It's either that or have me moving things I can't possibly lift, or uprooting the puppy and the bitch in heat to more dog -worthy quarters, like outside. If I start boxing up his stuff (clothes that have't seen his body in years) then all of a sudden he wants in on the action. Funny how that works, huh? Tricky, nah! Wise, yep!

I made myself a Twitter account. Something else to maintain, why not?

Nobody is reading my ramblings...not that I know of anyway. Maybe someday, somebody, or some successful company will happen upon my blog and think it worthy of an ad or whatever. I really am not up to speed on how blogging can make you money. A lot of folks do it though. Luck~ I suppose.

Here is a short list of blogs that I read that I think are good enough to warrant some flow:

All & Sundry

Oh well, I kill some time that is. I think I may have killed 10 minutes. Great, now I'll walk the half mile hike to the potty and hopefully by the time I make it back it'll be quittin' time!

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