Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mostly Work, A Little Bit of Hayden & OH! I'm an Aunt!

Hello again.

I find myself at work with nothing at all to work on. That time of year again, except in years past "that time of year" came in early to mid October. Here we are in the middle of August with the demand for artificail turf dwindling already. This fact is ok by me as it was one hell of a summer even though it was short. I would probably be one pissed off mother if I had to endure another 2 months of this BS. So, now that I have some "down" time I have several things I hope to accomplish (change) before we jump into the deep end again next year. Maybe next time around we'll have some floaties to help us keep our head above water (see post about diving).

The department I am responsible for needs some major renovation. It is very difficult to make any changes mid-season so now is the perfect opportunity to do so. We will start by reconstructing the cutting table, finally. I won't even get into how horribly the table sets us back and how I would just like to set the bitch on fire. It is wood for the most part so it would definitely burn, that's for sure. We have qualified people coming in to cut the table into a third of it's length now, leaving us with a beautiful, unused section that will be just glorious. They are also going to install new equipment (by equipment I am referring to some computer related stuff that I am not paid to understand) and all the bells and whistles. I am in the process of figuring out a new and improved way to assemble the artwork we cut here. Our way is failing miserably, unfortunately. I have a connection that should make this a painless thing to do, if I can get the boss man to work with me. I know this all sounds realtively simple, but don't most things until they are underway? Reconstructing the table is what will be quite an undertaking. I have got it mapped out to take my vacation while this is going on...wink, wink. NO, I'm just playing, there's no way I would take off while the table is being taken down. I long to see this ticking time bomb explode into a million, well, a hundred big pieces. It has been the cause of many a stressful day for me. GOOD RIDDANCE!

So, Hayden is doing better, for the most part. She ended up on 4 medications after her visit to the doctor last Friday. Poor, poor baby girl. Both her ears were "very red." She also had thrush and all the cold symptoms you can list. Now I am not so sure she is teething, I think her ears may have been the main source of her lousy behavior. Which, I completely understand and feel so bad about. I should have taken her to the doctor a week before I did. I am not going to dwell on this fact and I am going to find comfort in knowing she is being taken care of now and is on her way to feeling like a healthy baby.

Her papaw bought her a swing last week and she loves it. She really likes to go fast and fly high, as much as it scares the living shit out of me. She swings wildly back and forth with her mouth wide open trying like hell to catch a lightening bug. No, but seriously, she enjoys the swing and so do I as it gives me some hands-free time with my daughter.

In other news:
My brother and his girlfriend had their baby boy yesterday. Isaiah Tidwell weighed in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 inches long. He has a head full of beautiful hair. Better for Hayden to pull him with, of course. Congratulations to them. Good luck, the first few months are trying but so rewarding. Until next time...

NOTE: I finally figured out how to post the image where I want it to be, before I just had to go with whatever Blogger offered. Smarty pants, I know!!

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