Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where, Is the Weekend?

So, I have headache from hell. It hurts to move my eyes. I usually don't have issues with headaches, thankfully, because this BLOWS!

Today is Chip's 35th birthday. We are planning to go eat tonight and save the celebrating until the weekend, family and friends will be coming over for a cook out on Staurday. I haven't planned a party in a long time. I like trying to find the cheapest way to have a great get together. I am going to keep track of my spending so that I know what to plan on for future parties.

I have to drive to the Atlanta airport today...FUN FUN FUN. There's nothing I'd rather not be doing...especially with a headache. Hopefully, the drive is uneventful and I run into no traffic.

I am going to try and rest my eyes, if that is possible at work. Work is starting to suck already and we aren't even halfway through the summer. The lack of communication around this joint is embarrassing. People do not do what they say they will do. Irritating and tiresome. I have recognized the fact that this place will forever be managed the way it is, nothing will change from year to year. Why should it?

My goal is to be able to stay home with Hayden, I will work towards that. Keep my focus. I have to come up with an idea to make some serious money. Any thoughts?

My mood is not so good, due mostly to my headache. I will end this post for now, or else I may end up sticking my foot in my mouth.

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