Friday, June 20, 2008


My Daughter, I Love...

...her toothless smile
...her rat tail and mohawk
...the way she plays with her fingers when I feed her very early in the morning, when she is half asleep
...when she rubs her eyes when she is tired her little body won't fit into her sleepers anymore (time for new ones)
...when she pulls her feet up and holds them
...her head when it is wobbily from holding it up so long
...bringing her to bed with us on weekend mornings
...the little brown spot on her left eye something that makes her smile one minute can piss her off the next
...that she sleeps at least 10 hours and only wakes up one time to fill her tummy (knock on wood)
...that she is ours

Other Loves...

Lightening Bugs
My Front Porch
Handmade Anything
The Color Green
The Color Purple
Folgers Coffee
Yard Sales
My Engagement and Wedding Rings

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