Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FL Bound!

So...tomorrow is the day that I have been looking forward to for over a month now. I love when life offers you the opportunity to have something to look forward to. It makes me smile.

We leave Chattanooga at 11:40 and will be in FL around 1 ish. So, that means we should be on the beach by 2:30 at the latest. This will be Hayden's first of many trips to the beach. I am excited to see how she takes to the sand and sun and the water. I don't plan to put her in the ocean, but she will get in the pool and I think she will love it (she enjoys her bath, that may mean absolutely, I will find out). I'll let you know how that goes. I also have to coordinate my meeting up with my mother in law so that she can see Hayden, she hasn't see her since she was born. I have a shitload to accomplish while I am there for 3 short days. Wish me luck!


While driving to work on Tuesday I smacked into a mailbox in the Caddy. OH SHIT! I have come very close to colliding with this box several times over the past 2 years but have been fortunate...I guess. I swear I was sober as hell, and yes, I hit a mailbox. What can I say? I did find the mirror that shattered, it is of no use to the car now. I suppose I will replace it with a cheap mirror that is not all fancied-up, one that doesn't move when I push buttons inside the car. Better luck next time. I'm actually quite pissed at the folks who allow their box to hang over into the street. My tires never left the pavement, swear it! If it wasn't such a backwoods road I would have complained to the owner. What am I to do, bang on the farmer's door and demand he move his mailbox back a foot or so?


Chip called me at work yesterday and told me to guess who he just had a visit from? HMMMM... Hell if I know. We live in BFE so any visitor is surely to just be broke down on the road and in need of a phone or lost, right? NO! The Murray County Animal Control folks decided to creep by while neither of us were home. Apparently the advertisement on Chip's truck lead them to his website which lead them to our home. They felt it was their duty to check out our facility, seeing how we house 12 dogs, I mean, world-class Rottweilers. Now that I think about it it seems like people are out to find faults in others, not the good that might actually be staring them right in the face. They left a notice on the door informing Chip that the dogs had no outside shelter and that the water in their huge barrel was hot. He was instructed to call immediately upon returning. He did so and invited the trespassers to come back by so that they could sort out the issues. Well, minutes later 4 officers show up yielding the infamous dog-catching noose. Little did they know, not 1 of our children were coming within range of being hitched up and hauled off. WOW! I hate to do this but it is almost time to leave work...(YES! I killed an hour!)
To make a long story short, they ended up being very impressed with our facility and commended Chip for his care of the dogs. They went on to gush about the cleanliness of the kennel, temperature of the kennel, and health of the dogs. Chip is so proud, as he should be. I don't know another human being on Earth who cares for their animals like he does. Our Rottweilers have it made! If I weren't a living, breathing, human, I wouldn't mind being one of Chip's bitches...oh wait, I already am. HAHA!

Have a good one!

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