Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Says I Can't Blog?!

For the past, oh I'd say, two months, I have been reading a couple different blogs that are quite interesting.

Go check them out if you'd like. These two authors, who happen to be women, have great stories and are mothers as well. This fact may very well be the reason they have such great stories to share. I enjoy reading about what is going on in their daily lives, seeing how one of these bloggers has a three month old at home too. Their stories and photos inspired me to start my own blog. My main objective in doing so is to document my life as I go about being mama to my new, fascinating, beautiful baby girl, Hayden Olivia, playing the role of wifey, and building strong realtionships with my own mom, sister and far away friends. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that I have always had a "thing" for writing, I like to think I have a way with words...sometimes.

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