Friday, May 30, 2008


So it begins...

It just so happens that I am a working mama, just as a lot of women are nowadays. I worked throughout my pregnancy, thankfully, I would have went nuts had I not. I took my 6 week unpaid maternity leave and was ready to come back to work. Us mamas know those first 6 weeks can be brutal. So, like I said, I was happy to break free of the walls of our home. When I started back to work I was fortunate enough to find 2 wonderful, loving, and patient women to care for Hayden for aunts. Lucky, YES! My dad's sister keeps her Mondays and Fridays, one of my mom's sisters keeps her Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have Tuesdays off in case anyone is wondering where the little stinker goes that day of the work week. Lucky again, YES! So, the burden of childcare was lifted from us, thankfully. We are roughly 8 weeks in and I am seriously thinking about somehow quitting my job and caring for our baby 24/7 and making ends meet.

I was told a couple of weeks ago that while visiting my papaw, Hayden's great papaw, that she laughed out loud at him. I was told this over and over agian so as to really rub it in (my family is good like that). She has smiled great big toothless smiles at me, but not really laughed out loud yet. She makes like she is going to laugh but a few funny sounds come out along with a smile and that is it. I asked her several times what he said to her that made her cackle. She refused to tell me, must be a secret between the two of them. Anywho, I just called my aunt to make arrangements for my husband to pick up Hayden early today. She proceeded to inform me that Hayden rolled over at papaw's house today. WHAT!!!!???? Please repeat that, I didn't hear you correctly. I have been trying for a week now to get the little booger to roll over. We practice every night. The only thing stopping her is her arm, the one that she has to pull out from under her when she rolls over. Well, apparently that arm isn't getting one over on her anymore. My aunt said she rolled over and did not pull her arm out from under her. But, she did roll over.

I don't know if I am happy or sad. I guess I am both. Happy that she is reaching the milestones that occur during babyhood, sad that I am not there to see them. I know I will see her roll over, but I wanted to see her first roll over, just like I wanted to hear her first laugh.

I very much wish maternity leave started when Hayden turned 3 months old. What fun! I guess I will just continue to be thankful for the awesome caregivers I have for her, and for the time I have with her on Tuesdays, the evenings, nights, and weekends. Hell, I have an entire lifetime to be with her...something to look forward to, treasure, and enjoy.

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