Monday, December 29, 2008

About a Girl

So, I sit in awe of Hayden most days now. 10 months really, really changes a baby. This month is the month that I have seen the most growth in her. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally and developmentally. This leads me to believe that I could birth a 10 month old and not feel quite like I was fighting a losing, uphill battle everyday for the first 6 months of the baby's life. Now, that isn't to say I wouldn't feel like I was fighting a losing battle with my nether regions (having birthed a 19 pound, 29 inch human) but I could so handle the aftermath as far as the baby is concerned. Final answer: next time a 10 month old it is!

Short List to follow:

1. She walks.
2. She says mama and dada.
3. She holds her own bottle, handles her sippy cup well and feeds herself.
4. She sleeps through the night in her own crib in her own room.
5. She puts herself to sleep most nights and at naptime.
6. She points and grunts.
7. She plays and entertains herself for a little while each day.

Basically, communicating is easier for her and she is happy about that. Crying is not very common and mama likes that. What mama doesn't like is the little temper tantrums that are starting to rear their fugly little heads here and there when the 10 month old doesn't get her way. Who knew those would happen so fast? I was under the impression we wouldn't be dealing with those for at least another year. Terrible twos?

Also, something else about Hayden, the girl loves to have her ears cleaned. I had noticed this before but the other night I sat her on the bathroom counter after her bath and started slowly cleaning her ears. The child did not budge, she sat there staring straight ahead, her eyes glassed over and in a state of euphoria, focused on what might be the best feeling ever, she's not sure. Her life experiences are limited. Personally, I love the feeling of cleaning my ears, if done correctly it can be quite invigorating. Hayden obviously shares this sentiment, and I don't blame her.

Last but not least, she is cutting more teeth. She has her first year molar in on the left side and is cutting the one on the right. Poor baby. She is handling it better than I thought she would. If I were to compare her reaction to the pain of the little teeth to these bigger teeth I would think she is a pro at cutting a tooth now. She screamed, pulled her hair, scratched her ear until it bled, made me cry, etc. when her little front teeth were cutting through. I thought the molars would be a living hell. Thanks (whoever) for cutting me, and her, some slack. It didn't go unnoticed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

In Lieu of a Few Choice Words

This picture looks like it was taken in the early 80's. Thank you Walnut Square Mall for the superior quality photo and for paying a Santa that um, looks like he left his Christmas spirit laying right beside the logs he dropped off in the bathroom that morning. Poor baby, I'd be pissed too!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Story, Short.

I honestly didn't pay much attention to the story when it first happened but that changed a couple of months ago. I was bored at work and had seen a message on a friend's myspace page that Casey had been arrested and was in jail on charges related to the case involving her missing daughter. I decided to educate myself on the case, I read the documents that had been released by the Orange County Sheriff's office and listened to tapes from Casey's interviews with the police, her mother's interviews, etc. I pretty much made my mind up that she was indeed guilty of murdering her daughter or at the very least had everything to do with her dissapearance. I won't go into detail why I believe this other than to say she was caught in too many lies for me to ever believe anything she said to be the truth. So, Casey has been sitting in jail for a couple of months now while people everywhere search for Caylee, her beautiful daughter who would have turned three years old while all of this is going on. Last week a meter reader decides he is going to take a trip into the wooded area less than half a mile from Caylee's grandparents home. Lo and behold this man finds a bag that has a human skull in it. He calls authorities and they do an intensive and extensive search of the area, an area that they were called to in August by this same individual. They find numerous bones, unfortunately. Here we are a week or so later and they have finally concluded that the bones found in the wooded area are indeed Caylee Anthony's.

My heart breaks.

Authorities won't say how Casey reacted when she was told the truth, something she doesn't know the meaning of. Did she honestly think she would get away with murdering her baby? I think she did. Stupidity. Karma.

I can't wait to see how this plays out now. The trial that is to come. The justice that hopefully will follow. I feel for Casey's mother and father. They stood by her and unconditionally loved her. Now what? Now they have to come to terms with the fact that their grand daughter is dead and that their daughter most likely is responsible for her death. Unimaginable.

I would say I am speechless but I obviously am not. Stunned, perhaps is a better word. I knew the bones that were found would turn out to be Caylee's, but to hear it, and for it to be scientifically proven and stated is heartbreaking for any mother, for any parent, for any decent human being.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little of This, Little of That

Same shit, different day. I have dismantled the Pay Per Play "thingy" that I tried to add to my blog last week. I thought it worked but am not sure to be honest. I have however figured out how to successfully run ads by Google on here, yippee for me! I realize someone actually has to be visiting this page for the ads to even begin to work. People then have to click the ad, which is something else all together. I read plenty of blogs and rarely click the ads on the page. I guess I should be contributing, huh? We'll see how it goes. I think one person besides my mom reads this, well, that one person read one entry and hauled ass. Wait, I do have a friend that read a post a while back and made a comment. So, total to date is three readers, and those three don't always read.

Tonight is our Christmas party for work. We are celebrating at a very nice, delicious restaurant in Dalton. Last time we were there the food was awesome. Hopefully, tonight will be the same. We were instructed to bring a gag gift so that we could participate in the gift exchange. I figured I would bring a gift from me and a gift from Chip. I personally think my gag gift is going to top them all. I spent weeks coming up with this idea: a box of rocks. Now, I am not giving just any old box. I dug deep and splurged for what some might call the most festive box ever. The rocks I simply gathered from around the tree in the dog lot, the tree that eight large, full-of-piss rottweilers flock to first thing in the morning. Thoughtful, huh? Nobody has to know, of course. Chip's gift is slightly more dirty, if that is possible. After breaking into my rat hole money at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago I came out the proud owner of a pair of reading glasses, black rimmed and all. These, along with a Playboy from the 70's, should bring one recipient out of whatever rut he or she may be in. I'll update later this week as to how the gift exchange goes.

On to baby stuff. Hayden is doing great, marvelous. She is growing incredibly fast, and crawls just the same. She has been pulling up, as I have stated here before. Now she takes 4, 5, maybe even 6 steps and gets so excited she falls over. She is a hair from being able to stand when you set her down. She goes around saying dada all the time and is mocking short sentences that we say to her. The other night we were feeding her and Chip said something like you got it or you get'em, and Hayden said something like ouoti or ouetm. I squealed and slapped my hand over my mouth, Chip looked at me , I looked at him, Hayden looked at me (to see how to react) and I smiled. She laughed. It was fascinating to see how it all went down. She was proud of herself, as were we. A couple of days ago the same thing happened with Hayden and my sister. I can't remember what she said but Hayden repeated the sound, I heard it from upstairs. I didn't want to yell down and disrupt the learning going on so I let the moment go. I love moments like those, especially with Hayden.

Work is slow, very slow. People were laid off yesterday, not permanently, but it still hurts. I heard they were told to return January 5th. Fortunately, I am in one of those positions that can not be filled by anyone else here, meaning I am the only person who knows how to do what I do. Thank God! I am grateful for my job and will keep my mouth shut for a while ensure that I keep it. I can't remember if I posted anything about my, um, shall we say, issues with the way things tend to run around here. I probably was quite vague if I did, and will continue to be (am grateful for job, want to keep it). The economy is in the shitter, any job is better than no job. Suck it up, put a smile on your face!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charity Case

Two posts in one day, unheard of.

I am trying to place PPP on my page and need to know if it works. So, if you hear an ad on here when you visit please let me know. Wish me luck, I'm new at this.

Oh, and thank you!

America's Oldest Brewery

Well, then. It appears that I am not the only one pining for some kick ass beer around these parts. You can read my brief contribution on the link below. Needless to say I am all smiles, Georgia + Yuengling = Greatness! I have loved this beer for quite some time. Stoked, I am.

Note: A real friend is one who will share in your glee when you call them to tell them that good beer does exist in GA. Thanks, Carrie, I knew I could count on you!

Monday, December 1, 2008

What a Waste (of Time, Money, Effort)

We never go to the movies. We hardly go anywhere for that matter. When we do go out to eat Chip ends up having a one on one with the toilet within an hour of being back home. I don't know what it is, his guts aren't the steel they once were apparently. We spend most evenings and nights at home with Hayden. The weekends are spent apart during the day and together at night for the most part, Hayden being with me. Chip hunts hard this time of year, occasionally being rewarded. I shop hard this time of year, usually, not so much this year, economy=fail. So, last Wednesday, boss-man was telling me that he and his family were going to Rave in Chattanooga to see Twilight on Thursday night, how nice the theater was, stadium seating, you know, the works. So, I thought Chip and I would go over the Thanksgiving holiday, we could leave Hayden with my mom and dad.

A couple of weeks ago boss-man's wife, who also works with me, was telling me that they had seen Fireproof and how it was a "pretty good" movie. This past Wednesday he and I were talking and he agreed, Fireproof was a good movie. So, I took it upon myself to check out the movies playing at the theater Friday night. Fireproof, Eagle Eye, Four Christmases, and a slew of other movies were making their deput. I consulted Chip, involved him in the decision as to which movie we would venture out to see this year, in an actual movie theater. He and I both wanted to see Four Christmases, we thought Eagle Eye sounded good, and knew that Fireproof was "pretty good." We made the final decision to see Fireproof, thinking we have heard good reviews and sure Backdraft was pretty good, why not, we love some action.

After we ate at Outback, which cost a whooping $6.71 (thank you Enviro Turf for the gift card), we headed up to Chattanooga for a "pretty good" movie, some stadium seating and a good time. What we got was something totally unexpected, and not in a good way. Here, indulge, read some reviews from other folks, it isn't just me!

~ Fireproof may be full of practical wisdom, but this church-backed drama about a firefighter (Kirk Cameron) whose marriage is about to collapse never quite works as a piece of cinematic fiction. Sure, there are action sequences, but they’re baldly peripheral to the many, many scenes of Cameron’s character being lectured by his father or coworker on how to build and maintain a Christian marriage. As a companion piece to a Bible study group this may have some merit, but it doesn’t belong in a theater.

~ This is an embarrassing, unintentionally funny Christian drama. Hey, I don’t care if you make a movie about Faith, but it has to be good. Every aspect about this is just awful!

~ When Caleb’s father tells him about his faith and saving his marriage, it sounded like it was an advertisement for some self-help video. I kept waiting for captions to appear on the screen telling me how to order. The biggest laugh for me was when Caleb faces his porn addiction. He is looking at some stuff on the internet when a pop-up for an adult site appears. It says “click on me”. He looks hard at the screen, just as a suspenseful music cue begins. He stands up in a dramatic fashion as he looks back at the computer screen (Cameron’s acting here is hysterical). Then he takes the computer out in the backyard and bashes it with a baseball bat while the music turns triumphant. (No, I'm not making this up) This has got to be one of the funniest moments I have ever seen in a movie. I was trying so hard not to laugh that it made my chest hurt.

I HAD to include the last one, mainly because it comforts me, lets me know that Chip and I are not alone, well mostly Chip. He laughed out loud a couple of times, couldn't help himself, much to my embarrassment. Apparently, this critic thought it was funny as well. Take a gander at what else he had to say.

~ I don’t mind a film with a good hearted message, but I felt insulted by the finished product here. On the other hand, this could be enjoyed if you go with a group of friends and get drunk. I know if I went to see this with my brother, we would get kicked out of the theater for laughing so hard. It’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen all year and that was obviously not the intention. This film is made for elderly folk who watch Oprah and Dr. Phil and only see 2 movies a year. Embarrassing.

OK, OK. So, yeah, we fall into the 2 movies a year thing, I cleared that up right from the start. BUT, I am not elderly and I do not watch Oprah (would like to but must work, have mouths to feed) or Dr. Phil (NEVER). We were so pissed off about the outcome of our movie-going experience. I am still trying my damnedest to figure out why this is on at a theater, it should accompany a bible class or be included in the line up for a public service station on television. I guess what really put us over the edge is the $18.50 we spent to see this lame concoction of a film. You can bet your sweet ass I will not be heading to the theater anytime soon, I'm scarred. Besides, with the help of a relative, Chip has figured out how to download new movies that we can watch from the comfort of our own living room. Take that Fireproof! Now if I can just find the husband and wife team that bought into this bland, should-be-afternoon-special on Lifetime, I am going to demand compensation for my stupidity of not researching the movie myself and for taking their word, and that they never recommend another movie to me, EVER!!

Hell, I thought it was an action/drama movie (see trailer above), the trailer is much more interesting than the movie, take my word for it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Briefing: Hayden: 9 Months Along

My Hayden,
You have reached the 9 month mark. Oh, and it is a great thing. I spent many a day wondering how I would get to this moment with you. You have been a very easy baby and yet there were times I just couldn't see this far ahead. I was narrow minded and blinded by the hard times that make up everyday life with an infant. You, my dear, are not an infant any longer, you are a bouncing baby bubbling over with energy and such beauty. You are quite breathtaking.
As I was hanging up your clothes one night this week I thought about those early days with you and how the light at the end of the tunnel was fogged out, barely visable. The only way I could even see it was through someone elses eyes. "It will get better, easier," they promised. Time turned, they were right. Life with you is so much better and so much easier now than it was 9, 8, or even 7 months ago. I can see tomorrow with you. Tomorrow is one day closer to yet another milestone. One that you are hell bent on mastering; however, you aren't strong to the core yet, and you continue to crash land before taking off. Here, baby, let mama help you. You are sturdy enough to stand on your own, big girl, and you can walk holding my hand. So close to walking, you are!
This fact doesn't go unnoticed by you, you get very excited about being so close. You make that sucking air sound that only you make. The look of exasperation and thrill suits you, Hayden. You beam brightly, show teeth, you ooze happiness and love. It makes me feel awesome, like I'm doing something right. Speaking of teeth, you have 7, yes! 7! I think number 8 is going to make an appearance shortly. At 9 months you have 4 bottom teeth and 3 top teeth, all in the front. Teething, for you, is pure hell. You don't sleep well (which means your daddy and I don't sleep well), you pull your hair and scratch your ears, you cry, and my God does it break my heart. I can not wait for your mouth to be full of teeth and for the pain that it brings you to be a thing of the past. Papaw told me that once you got your first tooth that meant it was time for you to start eating solid food. You have been eating solids since your first tooth popped up and haven't cut back since. You will eat anything and everything that crosses within a few inches of your mouth if I let you. No longer do I even waste money buying baby food, you are capable of eating whatever it is I am eating. 3 solid meals a day. I gave you some strawberries this week along with your morning Cheerios. You made a sour face and went right on chewing and swallowing and banging the high chair for MORE MAMA!! Funny stuff right there, not the banging but the sour face. Hayden, you are Miss Independent, Miss Attitude, Miss Too Stubborn to Talk, I mean even say a word. As far as I know the only words you have ever mumbled, and have yet to mumble them on a daily basis are mama, dada and bite bite. I haven't heard mama or bite bite, I was only told that you said them. If this is any indication of the stubborness to come your daddy and I are in for it, BIG time! I contribute most of my positive attitude, and yours, to us getting enough sleep. You are awesome at going to sleep (with me holding you, which I do not mind, in the least) and sleeping in your crib until about 4 in the morning. You call for me and I come rescue you and bring you back to bed with me. Good stuff. We get to wake up to each other almost every day, occasionally you sleep in your crib all night and shock the piss out of your daddy and I. We honeslty don't mind you sleeping in our bed for a few hours each night, we might a year from now, but for now it suits us just fine.
There are many things that suit us as a family, things I had no intention of letting happen. I told myself and anyone who would listen that the pacifier would be out by 6 months, that I would not soothe you to sleep after 4 months, under no circumstances would I bring you to bed with me in the middle of the night. I lied, and I am glad I did. Being a parent has changed me. I cave when it comes to you. I love that you find comfort in your pacifier (as soon as I can reason with you, in 25 years!, I will convice you to give the sucker up), feeding you and comforting you, holding you, while you fall asleep gives me what I need at the end of the day, and sleeping next to you at night and waking up next to you puts a smile on my face each and every morning (even if you do sometimes root around until you have almost pushed me off the bed, or punch me in the eye while searching for your warm blanket.)
Your daddy says that you love me so much, that you get excited when I come home from work and you see me at the door, you sway front to back and suck air when I come and get you out of bed in the morning. I tell him that you better love me, a lot of time and effort went into getting us where we are today. It makes me proud to know that I am raising a healthy, happy baby girl. I can see the light and the good times ahead. We love you, Hayden, more than my words could ever do justice in describing.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Halloween is upon us yet again, which to me means that the Holidaze are creeping up as well. This year, however, we have a little baby in our house to share them with. How cool is that? Hayden actually won't have a damn clue what is going on. I'm sure the next couple of months will come and go without her so much as giving a second thought as to why mama and daddy are dressed like a black-eyed pea and a hunter who had a run-in with a nasty bear, or why there is a dead bird sitting in the middle of the Thanksgiving spread, or even why a huge man (papaw) is trying like hell to get her attention while shouting ho ho ho at the top of his lungs. Now, next year at this time...look out!

We are having a little post-Halloween party at the crib this weekend. My mom is planning it, I admittedly, haven't contributed very much. I do know that there is going to be a chili cook-off, some bobbing for apples and a costume contest. The winner will receive an all-inclusive getaway to nowhere. I desperately want to win. I so want to go nowhere, you know, just so I can say I've been there. No, I am pretty sure the lucky winner will get some free lottery scratch offs. Those always go over well. The only gimmick: if you win you must pay forward the winnings to the host of said party before departing for the evening.

The weather has been down right fall-like, chilly in the shade, warm in the sun. We have had a couple of cold days but nothing that will make breaking out the long johns worth while. Hopefully, the nice weather will hang around through this weekend. This year the change in season, from summer to fall, seems more gradual. I am not left wondering what the hell happened to fall? The leaves changing is taking weeks, not days. No complaining out of me. I love autumn...a second spring.

I have started making Hayden a transitional object, a small blanket made from her outgrown clothes. It is shaping up quite nicely. I only have one side pieced together and am not sure how I am going to go about finishing the other side, as a solid, soft piece of fabric or individual pieces. I think it may be a bit larger than I intended it to be. Things like this end up taking me much longer to complete than expected, not sure why. I do have time at night to work on something but I end up going to bed early. If I pushed myself to stay up until 10 every night I would have the blanket finished in a few days. Maybe I will try and do that, see what happens, live on the wild side. My purpose for making her this blanket is to try and convince her to give up her pacifier in exchange for a new and improved soother. I'll see how that goes, I'm sure she will be hell with your purpose woman, give me that paci! We shall see.

She is quite the character nowadays, but I will save that for another post.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hayden...Why? Because Life Revolves Around Her!

Good News: Sandy gets Hayden back starting Monday!

Not that Chip doesn't love being with her, he wants to find a job, make some money. He has successfully put his time in with Hayden, bonded with her, realized the hard work that goes into taking care of a 7 month old baby girl. He has done a wonderful job, he should be proud of himself, I am. Sandy is thrilled to be able to take Hayden during the day again. Hopefully, Hayden doesn't wear her out too bad. She is quite the mover and shaker nowadays.

Hayden, sweet, sweet Hayden...growing so incredibly fast, faster than lettuce makes Ann haul ass to the bathroom to blow one out. In the past week she has sprouted two more bottom teeth and is on her way to having two top teeth as well. She is up and on the move, not quite walking, but so damn close, closer than two butt cheeks being clenched in order to hold in a fart. She scares the shit out of me, has for awhile, what with her standing and trying to walk nonsense at 7 and a half months old. I am terrified she will fall and not catch herself and crack open her head on the tile floor. (Must get pad this weekend for under rug!) However, she is fearless. Seriously! She has no reason to fear anything, nothing bad has ever happened to her (other then the trip down the birth canal). I wonder when fear does start to have meaning to a child. There are things she doesn't like, hates!, but she doesn't fear them. These things include: her Jeep walker (loved it at nanny and papaw's, hates it at home, go figure), carseats (why should she have to sit facing the back seat, strapped down while us adults are able to look at the fascinating scenery while breaking the seat belt law), getting dressed (prefers nudity, has yet to realize that fall is here and winter follows, cold weather = warm clothes, hell, any article of clothing will do), and her highchair (no clue why), to name a few. I would be irritated by this, simply because most of the things she hates are necessities to babyhood. However, her like of so many other things far outweighs the negative response we get occasionally (should we have to feed her in her highchair, OMG! the hell). Following is a list of the things that makes Hayden smile: pulling up on anything and everything, standing, letting go and falling, the oo, e, oo, ah, ah song (sang by mama of course), crawling over to something in order to stand, being startled, standing, trying to walk, walking with help (do you see a pattern here)? She makes this breathing noise with the sides of her mouth when she gets excited, along with flailing her arms. It is adorable, it makes me smile. May she spend the rest of her life making the strange breathing, sucking-air sound, may she always be excited by life.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This & That

Surprise...surprise! You ever worry about something that is going to happen only to find that there was never any need to worry? Everyday, right? Well, I am proud to say that my husband has put my mind at ease. He has taken on the responsibility that is Hayden. He is her daytime caregiver, has been since last Monday. I must say he is doing an awesome job, or so it appears from the outside. Hayden is in one piece when I get home so all is well in my world. Daddy appears to be in one piece as well, at least physically, I can't speak for his mental or emotional state, although I firmly believe he handles our little angel better than I could. His tolerance level for certain things is greater than far.

So, as of a couple of weeks ago, Hayden crawls. She is everywhere! The knees of her pretty and pink flannel sleeper are black to prove it. The cuffs are as well, revealing that her hands and knees take her around the entire house. What's next? Cruising? Oh my! She is pulling up on anything she can wrap her fingers around. She holds the table with one hand and reaches for her toy mimi sent with the other. Fascinating, to her and to us. If she ever figures out how to balance her weight she's off. Much to our fear and delight. How scary it is to think our baby will walk soon, but how great it is to not have to tote her sweet baby body around. Before too long we'll be all come over here Hayden, and come she will, on her own, very soon. Fat feet and all.

Today brings us the first day of Autumn. I absolutely love this time of year. It brings about the feeling of change, something new and different in the air. I really feel into the season this year. We are experiencing a change in the air, crisper, cooler. Very sweet weather. I feel like there is much to look forward to, to anticipate. Hayden is probably the reason for that. Over the weekend I brought out all of our Fall decorations, you know, the leaves, the scarecrows, the pumpkin lights, all the burnt orange, moss green, eggplant get the glow. The colors of the season are my favorite! I realized after doing so that I would have to downsize my display of all things seasonal. My living room is now off limits because of Hayden, please see above paragraph regarding crawling and cruising. So, the dining room and kitchen are fair game. I figure what will happen will be this: 2 months will pass, December will be right around the corner, and I will still have a shitload of orange, green and purple leaves, scarecrows, and pumpkins waiting to be put to use, taking up space on the dining room table. I will then wrap them all back up just in time for the berry red and winter green, the lights and Christmas tree, stockings and...

AWESOME!...Hayden gets a stocking this year! This just occurred to me.

Mission: Find cutest, prettiest, most gorgeous baby stocking out there, this translates to shopping, of course:-) I also plan to send personalized Christmas cards with a family picture this year, hell I do every year, plan to send them that is, I never actually get around to it. This year will be different though, it will be. The trick is to plan ahead, get started early. So, as soon as my bangs grow out, bangs that I let my mom cut (what was I thinking?), we'll get right on it!

In other anticipatory news, starting Friday at 3:00 I am on vacation! Hallelujah!

Friday: Lucinda is at the Bigou in Knoxville, I will be there with my mom and Myra.
Sunday: Hayden has an appointment to have her picture taken (I made a tutu for the occasion).
Vacation all next week.
Next Friday: Husband and I are off to Nashville for 3 days, 2 nights. We are going to see Josh Turner, Sara Evans, Wynona, and some others at the Opry. We've never been to Nashville and plan to have a great time.
October 6th: Back to work, our anniversary, 1 whole year married (16 years later). Wow! Seems like just yesterday we were in school and one of us was wearing dork-ass overalls. I won't point fingers but that someone has no breasts and didn't birth a baby in February.

~ No pictures this post as I am not at my computer and do not have access. Seriously! No, I am not embarrassed of my hair, stfu!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Myspace & Porn...Yummy!

"There is a reason the government banned Myspace."

This is what I was told by works IT guy last week. My computer has been acting out and he is quite sure Myspace is the culprit. I can not disagree as I am not an IT guy or girl and I would have no business claiming it wasn't. If something goes wrong with my computer I blame it on Myspace, why not? I certainly am not to blame. I was told that my computer has a massive amount of trash on it. After talking with the IT guy about what sites are commputer-wreckers I believe my problem is indeed Myspace. I do not download music and things of that nature so...

While talking with the IT guy he mentioned that he is monitoring the users on the server, that means me. Apparently, a few weeks ago someone had been looking at porn (black and Latino to be exact) on the Internet. He traced it back to my computer. Now, I can assure everyone that I was not checking out black and Latino men and women on the Internet at work. What I do at home is my business;-) I work with quite a few Mexican men that do have access to my computer. So, I think we pretty much figured out how the porn popped up on the server. Who, exactly, remains a mystery, and to be honest, I couldn't care less which one of them it was. I gave them a little heads up (no pun intended) so that they would restrain from such naughty behavior in the future. To make a long story short, no more Myspace or porn allowed at work. Shucks! I thought that is what everyone did at it not? I wasn't told or asked not to log on to Myspace, I just figured it would be the best thing to do. The IT guy is going to come and clean out my computer anyway and I don't want to contract an infectious virus afterwards. Ridding my only source of daily entertainment of bad stuff only to load it back up again just doesn't make sense. So, the No Myspace rule has officially started. I technically should have started it Monday , and I actually did follow the rule Monday, but Tuesday I broke down. I logged in to upload a cute picture of my daughter for all to see. Truth be told, I logged in today too. I had to. I had to upload several more pictures and a video that just had to be posted immediately! You know what I'm saying, I know you do.

Yesterday, as I was making my blog rounds I stopped at Sundry Mourning, like I always do. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mama and her words. She is a gifted writer. So, I was reading through her archives and came across this entry:
In one of her reader's comments I came across this link:
Good God, why I clicked on it is beyond me. Do it, I dare you. I am going to assume your curiosity doesn't get the best of you and you don't click the link. What did I find, nothing but PORN! Great. We all know why. Yes, I was at work and yes, I was on my computer, the computer that is being monitored for such things as...PORN! How was I to know that a site called Watch Me Pee was porn-related? God, I feel like a pervert now that I am retelling the story. I have no excuse as to why my curiosity did get the best of me. I suppose I could say that the entry Linda wrote along with the reader's comment enticed me to open the link. Why would the damn reader post the link anyway? I will blame that person should anything come of my visiting a porn site from my work computer. I specifically asked if reading blogs would be an issue and was told no, well, reading blogs and clicking links obviously is an issue. So, I'm trying to fly under the radar this week, I'm not doing a very good job. In one day I visited the forbidden Myspace and watched porn. One of those I did by choice, the other, not so much. Thankfully, the IT guy hasn't cleaned my computer yet. Thankfully, he is busy writing code for our website and can not be disturbed. I promise to try harder to follow the rules. I promise that yesterday was the last day I feed my addiction to Myspace and my secret curiosity for porn, whether it is black and Latino or watching someone pee!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Briefing: Life: 6 Months In

Dear Hayden,
I have decided to write to you ever so often so that our life together can be read time and time again; because it is such a sweet life, baby. I had intentions to sit down and pour my heart out last week, on August 18th, the day you turned 6 months old. That day came and brought your cousin Isaiah, my brother's son, to us, exactly 6 months from the day you were born.

You now have a playmate that you can grow up with, one with a full head of hair (better to yank and pull him around with). Soon Hayden, you will have another cousin to run wild with. My sister, Elizabethe, is going to have a baby next February, expected within days of the day you arrived. Wouldn't it be quite a cooincidence if he or she came on your birthday, which was also your Mamaw Tidwell's birthday? Yes, you were born on your great grandmother's birthday, and your great Papaw John calls you little Ruthie for that reason. Not to make excuses for not writing last Monday, but we have been busy, both of us, visiting Isaiah and of (you have remarkable taste, so we take you along), thanks to nanny.
If someone had told me in February that you would be the little person you are today I wouldn't have believed them. I would have told them they were full of dookie, dog poop, horse caca, you get the point. You amaze me! I am so proud of what you have accomplished in your short time here. At 6 months old you are fierce, girl! Your personality is blatently obvious and you let it shine when given the opportunity. When you talk (you don't really talk just yet, but trust me, everyone hears what you are barking, little pup) everyone listens. You have each and every one of us wrapped so tightly around your finger it is cutting off the circulation. Don't worry though, mama will kiss it and make it all better.
You start your day bright and early, after a night that neither your daddy nor I can complain about. You choose your bed time, that being anywhere between 7-8:30, depending on your mood. Your mood is directly related to the amount of time you choose to devote to sleeping during the day. Unfortunately, your devotion isn't what we hoped it would be at this age; you might nap for an hour and a half throughout the day, that is on a good day. Those are the days you make it to 8:30, those days do not happen as often as I would like. I long for more time with you, Hayden. I get you to myself for only a few hours in the evening throughout the week. However, the weekends are ours, if I can manage to keep you from your nanny and papaw. We all love you so much, Hayden, we can't get enough of you. You are so much fun, you keep each of us young. You make us roll with laughter, the older you get the funnier you are.
You are entirely me made over, or so papaw says. If that is the case you will be walking in about 3 months. I keep telling your daddy that we are in for it once you are mobile. It won't be long either. You are well on your way to moving about on your own. Already you roll over (both ways), sit up, position yourself on your hands and try your hardest to crawl but can't do so just yet (I am somewhat thankful for that, although I can not wait to see you coordinate your arms and legs and take off).

However, you can get to wherever it is you want to be. You are in the process of figuring out how to sit yourself back up after you have fallen over onto your back and rolled to your tummy. Watching you teach yourself is so intriguing. You have learned so much in such a short time. Hayden, you have taught me so much in that same space in time. I know everything about you there is to know. Of course I do, I am your mama. At 4 months old, with the approval of your doctor, we started you on rice cereal. You really enjoyed it, especially when it was mixed with pear juice. Rather quickly you began eating vegetables and fruits. Here is a list of the foods you like and dislike:
LIKES: Peas, Carrots, Squash, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Applesauce, Pears, and even Lemons (we only feed you lemons when we are having a bad day and need a laugh, at your expense, I know, terrible parents, but you actually like them despite your facial expressions)...
DISLIKES: Peaches!
You are actually a very good eater, the proof is in your weight, 16 pounds at your 6 moth visit. That's up almost 10 pounds from your birth weight. I fed you chicken noodle dinner from Gerber the other night and you almost didn't breath throughout the entire meal. I would have puked from eating so fast. But, I can't make you eat slow, you determine the pace at which you eat. The reason I say this is because you will cry, squeal, give the wild eye, flap your wings and threaten to fly away if I slow down while shoveling food in your mouth.

You don't find all of this very funny, but the rest of us think it is hysterical. Yes, there are funny times and they pass way too quickly. There are times when I just want the hands of the clock to stop, moments when I close my eyes and hold time still in my head. These are the moments that I thank God he made me your mama. I love you Hayden, I love how you lay your head on my shoulder when you are tired and finish rubbing your big, beautiful, hazel eyes. I love how you reach for me when you want to be close. I love to bathe you and put my nose to your head and smell your sweet smell while you eat your final meal before bed. I love the sound of your giggle when papaw is blowing zerberts on your belly. I love the smile that breaks across your face when I sing our song. I love so many things about you baby, I can't possibly list them all here. I love the way you love.
Hayden, you are my sunshine, you always will be. You make me smile, I smile when you smile. You smile almost all the time, it's a gorgeous, happy smile, one that has two little teeth shining brightly for all to see. You are changing so much, right before my eyes. Please stop, I beg you. I can not wait to see the little girl you are destined to become, but I do not want the baby you are to grow up. I pray that you need me the way that I need you...for the rest of your life.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mostly Work, A Little Bit of Hayden & OH! I'm an Aunt!

Hello again.

I find myself at work with nothing at all to work on. That time of year again, except in years past "that time of year" came in early to mid October. Here we are in the middle of August with the demand for artificail turf dwindling already. This fact is ok by me as it was one hell of a summer even though it was short. I would probably be one pissed off mother if I had to endure another 2 months of this BS. So, now that I have some "down" time I have several things I hope to accomplish (change) before we jump into the deep end again next year. Maybe next time around we'll have some floaties to help us keep our head above water (see post about diving).

The department I am responsible for needs some major renovation. It is very difficult to make any changes mid-season so now is the perfect opportunity to do so. We will start by reconstructing the cutting table, finally. I won't even get into how horribly the table sets us back and how I would just like to set the bitch on fire. It is wood for the most part so it would definitely burn, that's for sure. We have qualified people coming in to cut the table into a third of it's length now, leaving us with a beautiful, unused section that will be just glorious. They are also going to install new equipment (by equipment I am referring to some computer related stuff that I am not paid to understand) and all the bells and whistles. I am in the process of figuring out a new and improved way to assemble the artwork we cut here. Our way is failing miserably, unfortunately. I have a connection that should make this a painless thing to do, if I can get the boss man to work with me. I know this all sounds realtively simple, but don't most things until they are underway? Reconstructing the table is what will be quite an undertaking. I have got it mapped out to take my vacation while this is going on...wink, wink. NO, I'm just playing, there's no way I would take off while the table is being taken down. I long to see this ticking time bomb explode into a million, well, a hundred big pieces. It has been the cause of many a stressful day for me. GOOD RIDDANCE!

So, Hayden is doing better, for the most part. She ended up on 4 medications after her visit to the doctor last Friday. Poor, poor baby girl. Both her ears were "very red." She also had thrush and all the cold symptoms you can list. Now I am not so sure she is teething, I think her ears may have been the main source of her lousy behavior. Which, I completely understand and feel so bad about. I should have taken her to the doctor a week before I did. I am not going to dwell on this fact and I am going to find comfort in knowing she is being taken care of now and is on her way to feeling like a healthy baby.

Her papaw bought her a swing last week and she loves it. She really likes to go fast and fly high, as much as it scares the living shit out of me. She swings wildly back and forth with her mouth wide open trying like hell to catch a lightening bug. No, but seriously, she enjoys the swing and so do I as it gives me some hands-free time with my daughter.

In other news:
My brother and his girlfriend had their baby boy yesterday. Isaiah Tidwell weighed in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 inches long. He has a head full of beautiful hair. Better for Hayden to pull him with, of course. Congratulations to them. Good luck, the first few months are trying but so rewarding. Until next time...

NOTE: I finally figured out how to post the image where I want it to be, before I just had to go with whatever Blogger offered. Smarty pants, I know!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tired Ramblings...

6 months into this mamahood gig and I kinda-sorta feel like I did 4 months ago. Not to the extent but the feeling is there. I find a little comfort in knowing that the feeling is not unwarranted. Several reasons exist as to why I feel pretty shitty.

I work everyday and am usually gone before Hayden wakes up. The wee morning hours are her favorite time of day, all smiles. I miss this Monday through Friday. I get out of work at 5:00, some days I pick her up from Sandy's, other days her dad gets her. On those days I frantically race home to start supper, make bottles, get Hayden's bath stuff ready to go, clean the kitchen, start clothes, whatever else needs tending to. If I pick her up I usually only get as far as supper and bottles, well, and her bath. Everything else gets pushed to the side. This is specifically because she is in a rotten mood by the time 6:30 rolls around. I'm lucky if I make it that long with her. I can honestly say that I try my hardest, I cater to her every need. I try and make her comfortable and keep her awake and happy so that the two of us can have quality time together. I fail miserably. She fusses, cries, wails even. I used to grin and bear it, but lately it has taken its toll on me and I cry right along with her. I chalked her unwanted behavior up to being tired and teething, more so teething.

Well, now my baby is sick, thanks nanny (just kidding). She has had a runny nose since Monday, has a dry cough, and I have determined she has a sore throat as well. She doesn't sound the same when she makes her sweet little voice heard. I'm her mama and I know she feels awful, I feel awful. And her dad feels awful as well, because he feels his daughter's pain and because she gave him whatever bug she has. So, long story short (you guessed it) we are back to very little sleep, good sleep that is. Sure, I get the 2 hours staright here and there. But I need more than that, my body is sceaming this at me. It's saying, "I warned you months ago not to deprive me of sleep and look what you are doing, here take this!" "This" being a big dose of cry-for-any-reason, loosing-my-grip, and a shit-eating feeling of inadequacy. Suck it up...I know. I am also slighty pissed at how things are working out with Hayden. Just when things start getting easier, simpler, things go really bad. I started feeling like I was handling parenting pretty well, moving along, making it, doing it. Now, I am back to feeling like I am being tested each day. I feel like I am getting the raw end of the deal. Coping with not seeing my daughter during the week days very much, to someone else getting her good side everyday, teething, her being sick, all of these things are draining me. I tell myself that this too shall pass. I pray for strength and patience, as I always do. I'll receive it, I know. I just have to have patience. These times will pass and I will not look back on them fondly. I just want my happy baby back, I want quality time wth her, is that too much to ask? I need to pull it together, turn off the monitor and get some sleep. BUT, I will not do this until I know my baby is sleeping soundly as well. Mamahood. It sucks and rocks in the same instant.

Now I am going to try and catch some shut eye at work, all I need is a cot, or an office chair and a computer modem to prop my feet on.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Not a whole lot going on...

Work settled down as the week progressed. Thankfully. I thought about running for the hills Monday. I do have one behind my house and it was looking not-so-hard to climb when I got home. Hayden had a rough beginning to the week as well. Teething, what a beautiful thing. NOT! She is rotten at times and for good reason, she is in pain. I went back and forth and back and forth about what to give her to assist in alleviating her pain. The Tylenol and Hyland's Tablets weren't even touching the pain she had going on. I decided to try Motrin and by the grace of GOD it worked. She actually got 6 hours of sleep at one time, and her daddy and I got some Z's as well. She woke up happier and her aunt Sandy was happier too, I am sure. Sandy is such a great woman and such a loving aunt to my baby. xoxoxo to her.

The weekend is here and I am planning to tackle some major inconviences in the house, with or without Chip. Usually if I start doing something that he does not want to do he will eventually help. It's either that or have me moving things I can't possibly lift, or uprooting the puppy and the bitch in heat to more dog -worthy quarters, like outside. If I start boxing up his stuff (clothes that have't seen his body in years) then all of a sudden he wants in on the action. Funny how that works, huh? Tricky, nah! Wise, yep!

I made myself a Twitter account. Something else to maintain, why not?

Nobody is reading my ramblings...not that I know of anyway. Maybe someday, somebody, or some successful company will happen upon my blog and think it worthy of an ad or whatever. I really am not up to speed on how blogging can make you money. A lot of folks do it though. Luck~ I suppose.

Here is a short list of blogs that I read that I think are good enough to warrant some flow:

All & Sundry

Oh well, I kill some time that is. I think I may have killed 10 minutes. Great, now I'll walk the half mile hike to the potty and hopefully by the time I make it back it'll be quittin' time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Diving...& Teeth!

Let's see...
It's been awhile since I've taken the time to sit down and write, anything. Not that I don't have anything to say, my time is pretty used up, either at work or being a mama. I don't know how these bloggers do it, writing everyday. I suppose if it's how I made my money I would make it a point to sit my ass down and bullshit people.

Work has slowly but surely taken the dive it takes every year; the one where you hit bottom and hope to hell you make it the surface again, and you do, only to know for a fact that you will dive the same dive next year, probably around the same time, and hit bottom again. Odd analogy, yes, but makes perfect sense. Actually, I will go as far as to say that for this dive, someone pushed me...I had no choice so I dove, it was either that or belly flop and cause a sting that lasts a long damn time. I will be in the shallow end in a couple of months so I'll hold my breath for the time being.

I ran across this graphic the other day and thought it summed up my feelings in regards to work. myspace graphic comments
Myspace Work Comments & Graphics

Other aspects of my life are moving right along. That's what life does though, it goes on, and on and yes, you guessed it, on. Hayden is wonderful. She is the reason I smile. Not this past weekend but the one before she cut her first tooth, not long after, she cut the one next to it. She is guarding them with her life, and tongue, right now so any pictures will have to wait. I can't even act like I'm going to pry her mouth open with a pair of pliers, she doesn't find it funny and she refuses to open her mouth and let mama see. And I have NO patience. I guess Hayden is teaching me a lesson in patience, and she doesn't even know it. Little stinker!

Until next time...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where, Is the Weekend?

So, I have headache from hell. It hurts to move my eyes. I usually don't have issues with headaches, thankfully, because this BLOWS!

Today is Chip's 35th birthday. We are planning to go eat tonight and save the celebrating until the weekend, family and friends will be coming over for a cook out on Staurday. I haven't planned a party in a long time. I like trying to find the cheapest way to have a great get together. I am going to keep track of my spending so that I know what to plan on for future parties.

I have to drive to the Atlanta airport today...FUN FUN FUN. There's nothing I'd rather not be doing...especially with a headache. Hopefully, the drive is uneventful and I run into no traffic.

I am going to try and rest my eyes, if that is possible at work. Work is starting to suck already and we aren't even halfway through the summer. The lack of communication around this joint is embarrassing. People do not do what they say they will do. Irritating and tiresome. I have recognized the fact that this place will forever be managed the way it is, nothing will change from year to year. Why should it?

My goal is to be able to stay home with Hayden, I will work towards that. Keep my focus. I have to come up with an idea to make some serious money. Any thoughts?

My mood is not so good, due mostly to my headache. I will end this post for now, or else I may end up sticking my foot in my mouth.

Friday, June 20, 2008


My Daughter, I Love...

...her toothless smile
...her rat tail and mohawk
...the way she plays with her fingers when I feed her very early in the morning, when she is half asleep
...when she rubs her eyes when she is tired her little body won't fit into her sleepers anymore (time for new ones)
...when she pulls her feet up and holds them
...her head when it is wobbily from holding it up so long
...bringing her to bed with us on weekend mornings
...the little brown spot on her left eye something that makes her smile one minute can piss her off the next
...that she sleeps at least 10 hours and only wakes up one time to fill her tummy (knock on wood)
...that she is ours

Other Loves...

Lightening Bugs
My Front Porch
Handmade Anything
The Color Green
The Color Purple
Folgers Coffee
Yard Sales
My Engagement and Wedding Rings

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FL Bound!

So...tomorrow is the day that I have been looking forward to for over a month now. I love when life offers you the opportunity to have something to look forward to. It makes me smile.

We leave Chattanooga at 11:40 and will be in FL around 1 ish. So, that means we should be on the beach by 2:30 at the latest. This will be Hayden's first of many trips to the beach. I am excited to see how she takes to the sand and sun and the water. I don't plan to put her in the ocean, but she will get in the pool and I think she will love it (she enjoys her bath, that may mean absolutely, I will find out). I'll let you know how that goes. I also have to coordinate my meeting up with my mother in law so that she can see Hayden, she hasn't see her since she was born. I have a shitload to accomplish while I am there for 3 short days. Wish me luck!


While driving to work on Tuesday I smacked into a mailbox in the Caddy. OH SHIT! I have come very close to colliding with this box several times over the past 2 years but have been fortunate...I guess. I swear I was sober as hell, and yes, I hit a mailbox. What can I say? I did find the mirror that shattered, it is of no use to the car now. I suppose I will replace it with a cheap mirror that is not all fancied-up, one that doesn't move when I push buttons inside the car. Better luck next time. I'm actually quite pissed at the folks who allow their box to hang over into the street. My tires never left the pavement, swear it! If it wasn't such a backwoods road I would have complained to the owner. What am I to do, bang on the farmer's door and demand he move his mailbox back a foot or so?


Chip called me at work yesterday and told me to guess who he just had a visit from? HMMMM... Hell if I know. We live in BFE so any visitor is surely to just be broke down on the road and in need of a phone or lost, right? NO! The Murray County Animal Control folks decided to creep by while neither of us were home. Apparently the advertisement on Chip's truck lead them to his website which lead them to our home. They felt it was their duty to check out our facility, seeing how we house 12 dogs, I mean, world-class Rottweilers. Now that I think about it it seems like people are out to find faults in others, not the good that might actually be staring them right in the face. They left a notice on the door informing Chip that the dogs had no outside shelter and that the water in their huge barrel was hot. He was instructed to call immediately upon returning. He did so and invited the trespassers to come back by so that they could sort out the issues. Well, minutes later 4 officers show up yielding the infamous dog-catching noose. Little did they know, not 1 of our children were coming within range of being hitched up and hauled off. WOW! I hate to do this but it is almost time to leave work...(YES! I killed an hour!)
To make a long story short, they ended up being very impressed with our facility and commended Chip for his care of the dogs. They went on to gush about the cleanliness of the kennel, temperature of the kennel, and health of the dogs. Chip is so proud, as he should be. I don't know another human being on Earth who cares for their animals like he does. Our Rottweilers have it made! If I weren't a living, breathing, human, I wouldn't mind being one of Chip's bitches...oh wait, I already am. HAHA!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am beginning to wonder if anyone will ever read my blog. I am not advertising so it will be pretty hard to find I suppose. I am not going to take it personal. I will continue to post and record my experiences as I see fit.

Baby Talk:

Hayden has been in a not-so-good mood since Sunday. She is distractable but not for long. We think she is teething, hope she is, so that we have an explanation for her behavior. I have already pointed out the fact that she gnaws her fist and fingers and drools non stop. These among other reasons make us believe we will see a tooth within the next month. "They" say that the actual tooth may not make an appearance for a month after the process of teething starts. FUN! I sympathize with Hayden, I do. I'm sure she has no clue what is going on and is coping the best way she can. Bottom line: We better see a tooth or else.

Weekend Talk:

Last weekend, no, the weekend before that, we planned to take the boat out. I got a call from my mom at 9:30 PM the night before telling me that it wouldn't start. So, no boating action. I forget what we ended up doing to pass the time. Something forgettable. I am looking forward to the retry that will happen in a few days time. Lookout people, here we come, and we are riding in on a Chariot (please see above photo). Can't wait!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


So it begins...

It just so happens that I am a working mama, just as a lot of women are nowadays. I worked throughout my pregnancy, thankfully, I would have went nuts had I not. I took my 6 week unpaid maternity leave and was ready to come back to work. Us mamas know those first 6 weeks can be brutal. So, like I said, I was happy to break free of the walls of our home. When I started back to work I was fortunate enough to find 2 wonderful, loving, and patient women to care for Hayden for aunts. Lucky, YES! My dad's sister keeps her Mondays and Fridays, one of my mom's sisters keeps her Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have Tuesdays off in case anyone is wondering where the little stinker goes that day of the work week. Lucky again, YES! So, the burden of childcare was lifted from us, thankfully. We are roughly 8 weeks in and I am seriously thinking about somehow quitting my job and caring for our baby 24/7 and making ends meet.

I was told a couple of weeks ago that while visiting my papaw, Hayden's great papaw, that she laughed out loud at him. I was told this over and over agian so as to really rub it in (my family is good like that). She has smiled great big toothless smiles at me, but not really laughed out loud yet. She makes like she is going to laugh but a few funny sounds come out along with a smile and that is it. I asked her several times what he said to her that made her cackle. She refused to tell me, must be a secret between the two of them. Anywho, I just called my aunt to make arrangements for my husband to pick up Hayden early today. She proceeded to inform me that Hayden rolled over at papaw's house today. WHAT!!!!???? Please repeat that, I didn't hear you correctly. I have been trying for a week now to get the little booger to roll over. We practice every night. The only thing stopping her is her arm, the one that she has to pull out from under her when she rolls over. Well, apparently that arm isn't getting one over on her anymore. My aunt said she rolled over and did not pull her arm out from under her. But, she did roll over.

I don't know if I am happy or sad. I guess I am both. Happy that she is reaching the milestones that occur during babyhood, sad that I am not there to see them. I know I will see her roll over, but I wanted to see her first roll over, just like I wanted to hear her first laugh.

I very much wish maternity leave started when Hayden turned 3 months old. What fun! I guess I will just continue to be thankful for the awesome caregivers I have for her, and for the time I have with her on Tuesdays, the evenings, nights, and weekends. Hell, I have an entire lifetime to be with her...something to look forward to, treasure, and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

June Bugs!


June is quite a busy month for me, has been for numerous years. This year the tradition will continue and an addition will be made to the list of events and/or activities.

Starting during the first week in June are family birthdays. My uncle and my sister have birthdays that take place on the 5th and 6th, respectively. Now, don't let me fool you into thinking I actually buy for everyone, and by that I am referring to my uncle only. Until 2 years ago I never actually saw him or really talked to him that often. He lived in GA and I lived in FL. However, I work for him now and I suppose the proper thing to do would be to extend to him a thoughtful gift. So, now I take that back, what I said before, I do buy for everyone. My sister is relatively easy to buy for. I will just stop at a local yard sale and pick her up something random yet truly meaningful. Plan B is a gift card to the ever-resourceful WalMart. Note to self: purchase E's gift in time to deliver in person while in FL next month...(a hint as to the extra "event" being added to the month that I was referring to at the beginning of my post.) The following week, on the 12th of June to be exact, me and Hayden are going to FL with my mom and my aunt Myra. We will be attempting to fly by aircraft, which will make this excursion the one that will be written down in the baby book as being the first flight for Hayden. I'm quite nervous about this, as you never know how a baby will adapt to being on a plane. I have requested that Hayden either sit with my mom and I or my mom and Myra in the two seats that are side by side (one of us is situated two rows back and on the opposite side). I made sure I wasn't off by myself with Hayden...ALONE! No way, I am not that brave. The plan is to convincingly act like she is my mom or Myra's child if she goes into a fit, wink...wink;-) Ok, on to the haps for June...we are in FL until the 15th. I am so looking forward to this trip and will be so excited the day before we leave I may very well piss myself. The 15th happens to be the most notable day of the month, and not because of what happens on this day but the number of things that happen on this day. My mom and Spud (old friend, no pun intended) share a birthday on the 15th. Spud usually gets a card, but my mom is harder to buy for. The fact that I just thought up something for Mother's Day doesn't help that fact either. My ideas for great gifts for her are coming to an end, even with Hayden here...I mean how many pictures can you give a nanny who lives with the camera perfectly attached to her hand and captures countless memories of her grandchild? Not too many! I need ideas for a cool, thoughtful gift for my mom, please?! I'm not in the clear yet, lo and behold, the 15th of June is a special day for traditional holidays as well. This year Father's Day falls on my mom and Spud's birthday. This occasionally happens. Now, my dad happens to be THE hardest individual to buy for. He has everything, everything, ask anyone. If I remember correctly we gave him a Home Depot gift card last year. I would prefer he go and pick out his own gift, and let us pay for it. He has a tendency to either take back or never use the "stuff" we select ad give him. I don't wish to dwell on the the 15th so let's move on. Well, not without summing up that I will be returning, by plane, with my almost 4 month old at the time, and celebrating my mom's and my friend's birthday, and Father's Day...OH SHIT! I totally forgot that Chip is a dad now too! This happens daily. I get so wrapped up in June and the hysteria of it all, I only think about my dad being a father. My husband is a father now as well. Thankfully, my brain and my heart were in sync last week and I ordered him something from his daughter that will without a doubt be very well received and received on time. Go me! Fast forward ten days, June 25th, the last week of June. Woohoo! This day is reserved for Chip, he will reach that moment in life that one is closer to 40, 4-0, than they are to 30. I have no clue what to do for him for his 35th birthday. I definitely should start planning now. I have lass than a month to work something out. Ideas? Right away I'm thinking fire, beer, BBQ, water, sun...

That sounds like a great way to end the talk of everything I will accomplish in June. That's also how I am going to look at the month's schedule. A at the end I will feel that I have achieved an awesome accomplishment. BAAHAAHAA! Lots to do, and time to do it (if I start NOW!)

If you feel compelled to reread to make sense of it all, feel free, I will do so many times in order to get myself in check:-)

Oh, and Hayden is doing great. Our weekend was excellent. We love our daughter!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Says I Can't Blog?!

For the past, oh I'd say, two months, I have been reading a couple different blogs that are quite interesting.

Go check them out if you'd like. These two authors, who happen to be women, have great stories and are mothers as well. This fact may very well be the reason they have such great stories to share. I enjoy reading about what is going on in their daily lives, seeing how one of these bloggers has a three month old at home too. Their stories and photos inspired me to start my own blog. My main objective in doing so is to document my life as I go about being mama to my new, fascinating, beautiful baby girl, Hayden Olivia, playing the role of wifey, and building strong realtionships with my own mom, sister and far away friends. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that I have always had a "thing" for writing, I like to think I have a way with words...sometimes.